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The IRG (Institut de Recherche en Gestion / Management Research Center) is a certified postgraduate/doctoral training centre (EA 2354)


A research unit attached to the OMI (Organisations, Marchés, Institutions / Organizations, Markets, Institutions) Doctoral School of Paris-Est University, the IRG is a hosting organization for all management teacher/researchers of the two universities and of other schools of Paris-Est. It includes about a hundred teacher/researchers and a forty PhD students.

As a postgraduate/doctoral training and research centre, the IRG implements its public service mission at three levels: the development of research in management sciences, the renewal of scientific and technical knowledge, and support for young teacher/researchers and doctoral students in the pursuit of their academic career.


Since its reorganization in March 2010, its primary objective has been to create a visible and recognized multidisciplinary management research centre on the theme Management and Society endowed with a distinct identity by orienting its work toward a reflexive approach. The analysis of the relationship between Management and Society entails investigating:

- the impact of societal changes on the management of organizations,

- and symmetrically, the effects of management on society, particularly in terms of beliefs, the individual and collective behaviours of different groups of actors, social practices, and economic, social and environmental performance.


Management is viewed as the set of models, techniques and practices developed in the service of various organizations (companies, associations, communities, etc.). Conceived not solely in the context of business, its study extends to the variety of human and social organizations.

Furthermore, the adoption of a reflexive approach involves questioning the effects of theories, models and research methods on the knowledge produced, as well as on social and managerial practices. The research carried out emphasizes both the social and historical dimensions of the methods and theories of management and the performativity of the knowledge produced.

The scientific objective of the IRG is articulated through three transversal thematic axis selected by the team :

- Performances and responsibilities

The aim of this axis is to investigate the tensions between these two dimensions and to analyse how they are reconciled and orchestrated by management.

- Services in and to society

This axis involves analysing how, in the interactions between producers and customers, the performance and efficiency of service activities are constructed, taking into account their social and societal utility.

- Organizational and societal innovations, transformations and resistances

The aim of this axis is to provide a comprehensive understanding of innovation, change and resistance mechanisms by adopting different levels of analysis ranging from the individual micro level (consumers, entrepreneurs, managers) to the social macro level (institutions, the market).


The work of the IRG thus mobilizes and articulates theoretical frameworks responsive to the social, ideological, spatial and temporal phenomena studied (neo-institutionalist approaches, actor-network theory, Consumer Culture Theory). Other work, involving finer levels of granularity, allows the situational and socio-psychological springs of action to be grasped (symbolic interactionism, ethnomethodology, sensemaking).

This positioning leads to the adoption of comprehensive approaches (ethnography, nethnography, case studies) or even transformative approaches (so-called collaborative or participatory action research). This main focus does not, however, preclude carrying out infirmationist or instrumentally oriented work.

The knowledge produced also feeds into the IAE’s educational project, consisting of training in the knowledge, use and questioning of models and management tools.

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